learning curve

“It’s a learning curve, Maura.”

“Yeah, a ‘climbing Everest and forgetting to bring along an oxygen tank’ learning curve.”

That’s how many of these days are feeling lately, but then there are those moments, those lovely moments when I hear myself talking, or read over an email I’ve written, or finish a project, and I think “You know what you’re doing at this moment.” Those moments are like gems right now, I have to savor them and admire their shining beauty before returning to my steep climb, hoping the summit isn’t too far off, dreaming of that leisurely descent when I can finally enjoy the view without feeling mentally and physically exhausted. For now, though, I’ll take those gems and the vague promises of success they offer for the future.

little gems

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One response to “learning curve

  1. Barbara and Tom Cooney

    I’m sure you are feeling like it is a strenuous journey, while those around you know how hard you are working. It will get easier…and if anyone is good at quickly conquering learning curves, it is YOU!xoxo

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