summer bounty




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4 responses to “summer bounty

  1. Beth Forrester

    Yum! What could be more enticing? I’m glad to see you have been so successful with your garden. I too am enjoying the delights of July and brought in 5 eggplants, a 2lb beefsteak tomato, cucumbers, a cataloupe and lots more today. It is such a great feeling and such a fabulous tasting!

    What, though, are those little cranberry looking things in your hand? I’m unfamiliar with them. My dill just hit the dust–I think it just got too hot here.
    I was envious of yours.

    Miss you all,

    • Ooh, sounds like your garden is doing wonderfully! I’m still jealous that you can grow citrus in your yard. 🙂

      Those little guys are lingonberries, very tart but delicious. Most people turn them into compotes or jams, but I love them right off the plant.

      I just planted more dill seeds, hoping to see a few more plants before summer ends as my current plants are getting a bit tattered.

      Miss you, too!

  2. Tom Cooney

    I don’t recall seeing any of that beautiful blueberry pie.

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