Right now I’m struggling to keep balance in life again. Too busy at work, trying to cover more than my position, trying to recruit a new person, getting ready to train that person, the usual “keep all of the plates spinning” stuff that we all manage. Most of the time it doesn’t get to me. Today, I’m battling grumpiness and anxiety attacks as there just aren’t enough hours.

However, having lovely people both in our private lives and our work lives who remind us to take a step back and appreciate the good things is so helpful. And so I’m trying to remember to focus on gratitude each day now. Whether here, in a journal, verbally, in a sketchbook… it doesn’t really matter. Just focusing on it and realizing life is actually pretty fantastic is the point.

And so today I feel grateful for flocks of honking geese flying by my window at work each day (favorite sound since childhood), stormy afternoons with brilliant rainbows, a bread-baking boyfriend, gourmet-chocolate giving parents, wonderful friends, coffee, snuggling cats, and multi-colored leaves that cover the trees and ground this time of year. The stress will pass, the work will settle. The beauty is always there to be found and deserves some credit.







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