small victories

Sometimes it’s the small victories, like making it past a date that holds tough memories. Daylight Saving was my sudden reminder that a year ago this past weekend I was sitting in the ER, terrified and trying to be hopeful. A year ago yesterday that hope was gone. And yet a year from then, now, I’m feeling mostly strong, fitting in time for adventures with the man I love, caring deeply for friends going through difficult times, feeling joy for friends experiencing success and exciting new starts, getting excited for a friend whose family is about to grow any day now (come on, baby, make your appearance!), making plans for a well overdue family trip, and trying to focus on how wonderfully full of love, beauty, and friendship my life is at this time. I’m incredibly lucky to have so much support from the people I love who are both near and far, this year would have been much more difficult without that. Here’s to the small victories in life.


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  1. Barbara Cooney

    Maura…you are the strongest person I know. I cannot tell you how proud I am of how you have faced the disappointments and heartbreaks of losing two babies…and yet you remain positive and supportive of your friends….and able to find love and appreciation of other things in your life. We, and your friends..and actually…anyone who knows you…are so lucky to have you in our lives. I knew you were something special from the time you were born.

    I want to apologize again for the reservations that I had about your relationship with Doug before he was divorced. I let my helicopter parent come out and should have trusted your judgement. Thank God and Buddha and good counselors! (<: Dad and I always remark after we have been with you two that you have found your soul mates. Marcia and I have had emails expressing that, too.

    I love you to the moon and back!

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