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A favorite place


I had oral surgery last Thursday, gum grafting that I’d put off for a long time and finally had to have done. Nothing major, but it definitely has put me out of commission for a few days. Soft food diet (that gets old fast), no smiling, minimal talking or my mouth throbs, and cheeks like a chipmunk. But I’m glad to have it behind me, and feel grateful for Doug’s patient spirit as he deals with grumpy, hungry me. He’s been throwing together some pretty gourmet soft dishes for me, sweet guy that he is.


Today we took a quick trip to one of my favorite places in town, Marbott’s Greenhouse and Nursery. We’ve spent far too much time and money at this place over the past few years, but we love getting our veggie garden going and love this family run business. Mr. Marbott is usually handling the cash register while his daughter and son help either at the front or in the greenhouses. They usually have a couple of other employees helping out as well, watering and assisting customers. Mr. Marbott is an older gentleman who usually wears suspenders and has so much spirit. While age may be limiting his ability to move around and do the heavy lifting at this point, he still manages to give orders from his perch up front. He always chats us up and has advice for how to handle certain vegetables we plant, love getting his insight. He has a twinkle in his eyes that I adore.

greenhouse and geraniums

Walking through the nursery is my kind of window shopping. We always wander through the room of citrus and indoor plants, the main greenhouses where most of the public hang out, out to the back near the train tracks where blueberries and other shrubs/trees can be found, and around to the more hidden greenhouses where plants not quite ready for the public usually hang out. The colors of the leaves and flowers are always so beautiful, little rows of rainbows, and the scents are intoxicating. I’m a sucker for the orange, lemon, and lime trees growing, and for the giant greenhouse of geraniums, one of my all-time favorite scents (Doug thinks it smells like burning rubber).


Today we were only in the market for a few herbs, resisting the urge to buy veggies that aren’t cold resistant. While our weather today is hitting the mid-70’s, we’re still very much in the danger zone of cold nights and hail storms. So chives, chamomile, and tarragon are all that came home with us today. But we eyed the tomatoes for a future visit, and debated about planting more of the most delicious cauliflower I’ve ever grown/eaten (super snowball). Doug just finished a mini greenhouse to put on one of our veggie beds, so we may be brave and snag a few hot-weather plants before long, see how this little system works out.


As we checked out, Mr. Marbott thanked us for coming, said it was good to see us, and said “you guys are still at it, I see!” Always a good sign when the owner of your local nursery remembers you and keeps an eye on your purchases, right? We promised we’d be back soon for more plants, as always, and off we went with our new herbs.


DSCF6095 DSCF6118 DSCF6110 DSCF6106 DSCF6093 DSCF6090 DSCF6112

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