I live in Portland, OR and I obsess over books and baked goods. Welcome!


4 responses to “Me

  1. Glory Noethe

    Hi Maura. Your blog is great so far! Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your sketches. Reading what you have posted so far makes me excited for future entries. I appreciate that your scope is so vast – it’ll keep it extra interesting. Looking forward to the next. Love, Glory

  2. Thanks, Glor! It’s been fun to at least get started on, hoping my projects will get better with time.

  3. Glory Noethe

    Hi Maura,

    Well, I just read “happy teeth,” “the color purple,” and your birdie postings – how great! It’s so neat reading about your experiences (and seeing your sketches!). It makes me feel closer to you, knowing what’s happening in your world. You’re one of those people who I adore so much, but don’t see nearly enough, so this is really a great way to still feel connected. It’s really cool! Take care. Happy 3-day weekend. Love, Glory

  4. thank you for visiting and liking my post!

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